Cypress PEX Repiping

Cypress PEX Repiping
When pipe replacement becomes a necessity, our Cypress PEX repiping experts are always just a few clicks or a phone call away. We understand that repiping a home is a different situation than installing the initial plumbing system during the building’s construction. The house is already in place, and the easy access that made the plumber’s job a breeze is no longer available. Under these circumstances, the most logical choice is crossed-linked polyethylene or PEX tubing. As the following information will show, PEX ensures fast, safe installation that will have the water flowing again in no time.

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The Benefits Of Cypress PEX Repiping

There’s a reason our PEX repipe specialists love their jobs. This type of piping is great for initial installations, but it really shines in replacement work since it overcomes the problems of its competitors by being flexible. If this advantage wasn’t enough, it’s also inexpensive, freeze-resistant, quick to install, and easy to correct. These key features of Cypress PEX re-pipe work deserve a little more discussion.

Cypress Pex Benefits

For Cypress PEX re-pipe work, flexibility plays an important role in several ways. First, PEX can easily be inserted along existing pathways without difficulty. This alone saves time and labor. This same suppleness permits PEX sections to be joined together without the need of either solder or glue. This eliminates the dangers of fumes. Joints are connected by simply using a specialized tool to expand pipe ends that quickly shrink back to their original size. Compression rings complete the task of forming leak-proof seals. As a flexible material, PEX can also stretch when water in the pipes begins to freeze. Our PEX repipe specialists point out that neither copper or CPVC can do this.

Some Drawbacks Of Alternatives To PEX Repiping In Cypress

The odds are very high that any given house is outfitted with copper plumbing since it’s considered the gold standard among plumbing materials. Like gold, it’s a relatively soft metal. It also carries a big price tag. If pipe replacement is necessary because of leaky pipes or any other serious problems, it’s pretty obvious that the copper lines are not invincible. Along with being an expensive material, copper repiping work is costly since the plumber will have to tear out walls and drill new access holes through wall studs and floor joists. Copper piping also involves a considerable number of elbow joints and other fittings in order to be correctly routed through the house. For less money, CPVC, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, suffers from the same rigidity issue, but it does have the benefit of only requiring glue instead of solder to connect sections. It also enjoys a smaller price tag.

Cypress PEX Repipe Challengers

Once upon a time, the selection of pipe materials only included such things as polybutylene and galvanized steel. Besides being heavy, galvanized pipe can be counted on to produce leaky pipes. This happens quickly because the zinc outer coating wears away and allows the steel beneath it to begin rusting. Polybutylene pipes were an earlier attempt at using plastics for plumbing and pipe replacement but the drawback, swelling and crumbling when exposed to chlorine in water, became inescapable. Today, the primary choices are PEX, copper, and CPVC pipes.

Swift PEX Repiping In Cypress

PEX tubing also guarantees the quickest path from leaky pipes to a brand new plumbing system. Since PEX is so supple, it can be bent in many situations instead of having to resort to adding elbow joints or T-connectors. It’s also worth mentioning that a plastic material like PEX can be cut much faster than copper when joint fittings need to added to Cypress PEX repiping jobs. The final result is a plumbing system that real-world experience has shown to be both durable and affordable. If you still have questions regarding the benefits of PEX piping, then just click HERE to learn more!

So what are you waiting for? Give us and our team of Cypress PEX repiping professionals a call today!