Bellaire Repiping

Bellaire Repiping
Our Bellaire repiping professionals understand that no plumbing system can last forever. Escalating failures usually indicate it’s time for a complete replacement. Just having a plumbing system that’s been around for several decades is cause for concern. While most licensed plumbers can handle standard repairs on leaky pipes, this sort of task requires repipe specialists. This type of job involves examining the whole house to determine how to route new lines while maintaining compatibility with existing plumbing fixtures. It also requires professionals like ours who can balance the homeowner’s goals concerning costs, durability, and other important factors in developing a final strategy.

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Bellaire Repiping Selections

Once, home builders employed a wide variety of materials for plumbing lines. Everything from steel to cast iron to polybutylene plastic found its way indoors. The ultimate results were hard lessons in what worked and what didn’t. Steel pipes with and without galvanization eventually fell victim to rust. Polybutylene was installed in many homes during the 1970s and 1980s here in the South, but it didn’t mix well with the chlorine added to drinking water as a disinfectant. In particularly old houses, even lead was used. Fortunately, nearly all of these homes underwent repiping quite some time ago. Today, plumbing pipes are manufactured from the three reliable materials of copper, CPVC, or PEX. Each one has its pluses and minuses when used for Bellaire repipe work. Examining the characteristics of each will give any homeowner a better idea of how well suited it is to their particular pipe replacement needs.

Our Repipe Specialists Love PEX

PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) is just a fraction of the price of copper. It’s also been in use for decades, so it’s definitely shown its reliability. Replacement experts like ours enjoy working with it to permanently end leaky pipes because of its flexibility. If there are any sorts of openings between fixtures and the home’s main water inlet, PEX piping can be quickly and easily sent through them. By this same token, it needs little or no modification along the route. If fittings become necessary, PEX plastic can be cut much faster than copper. The elastic nature of PEX also allows it to tolerate frozen water without rupturing. Shorter-lived than copper, the other downsides to this material for Bellaire repipe work are fairly expensive connecting rings and specialized tools when sections need to be linked. If you would like to learn even more about our favorite piping material, then just click HERE today!

Copper Repiping In Bellaire

The vast majority of new plumbing installments rely on copper, but it’s a bit trickier when the work involves inserting it in an established house. The big advantages of copper are its durability and resistance to chemical reactions. Under typical circumstances, copper won’t rust or corrode. It also handles chlorine and hard water without any problems. The only possible exception to this rule is acidic water usually associated with thick woodlands releasing tannic acid into groundwater supplies. Even here, the levels need to be fairly high. Copper is appreciated most for its ability to easily last up to a century. A Bellaire re-pipe job with this material is a once-in-a-lifetime job. The drawbacks include high material costs and high labor costs. Since copper isn’t very flexible, copper repiping in Bellaire demands a lot of preparation work on the house to thread new lines through existing pathways. Lots of access spots also have to be made available for connecting elbow joints and other fittings with a soldering torch. The rigid nature of copper also makes it vulnerable to water freezing in the pipes.

Repiping in Bellaire With CPVC

Another lost-cost alternative to copper is CPVC, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, piping. This rigid pipe replacement material requires the same straight passages needed for copper lines. It also possesses the same weakness to swelling ice if it freezes. It might seem that this would make it a bit more costly than PEX for Bellaire re-pipe work, but CPVC lines can be connected for less money than either competitor. There are no special tools, expensive fittings, or torches required. An application of glue joins the parts together quickly. Sections of CPVC pipe can also be cut as rapidly as PEX. This puts it on par with PEX for cost savings. Once it’s in place, CPVC will last as long as PEX piping.

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