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Houston PEX Piping

In Houston, replacing your home or business’ pipes is inevitable. The high mineral content found in Houston’s water leads to increased corrosion and, consequently, pipe breakages. River Oaks or Houston PEX repiping is the clear solution for these kinds of concerns. If your home or business is suffering from problems with leaky galvanized pipes, low water pressure or pipe corrosion, then give our company a call straight away. Our professional plumbing technicians are standing by to ensure your water supply and plumbing system is up-to-date. Don’t hesitate. Call us at 713-714-2636 today.

Flexible PEX Tube: The Preferred Plumbing Material

PEX (cross linked polyethylene) is the preferred piping material. When compared to traditional plumbing materials, PEX piping has an improved resistance to heat and cold, lasts longer, and the fact that it does not rust or corrode. They are made from high-density materials that ensure reduced corrosion, improved reliability, and long-term use, especially in service lines. Our technicians will ensure the rust build up responsible for low water pressure is properly addressed. If need be, these rusty pipes will be replaced by flexible PEX tube. Installation of PEX pipes is neither labor nor capital intensive. Furthermore, flexible PEX tube requires fewer fittings (it can be bent to nearly ninety degrees) and it requires no glues or chemicals during installation.

Fast And Reliable PEX Pipe Replacement

Houston PEX piping is made from high-quality materials that guarantee lifetime supply of clean and safe water. Our technicians will ensure your water supply is not inconvenienced during the re-piping as we work as per your schedule. We conduct PEX pipe replacement in the shortest time possible, preferably within two days. This gives us an edge over our competitors as we guarantee turnaround time that is unlikely to make you or your family feel uncomfortable. PEX repiping in Houston or Katy means all your worries are put to rest once and for all.

Lower Your Energy Bill With PEX Repiping In Houston

Houston PEX piping is made to withstand ambient temperature changes, resist particle build up, retain water temperature and not to freeze. This makes PEX repiping in Houston a significant contribution toward lowering the recurrent energy bills. Consulting with our specialists will help you understand the importance of PEX pipe replacement as we have been in business long enough to understand the benefits associated with PEX repiping in Houston and Cypress.

Get Rid Of Your Leaky Galvanized Pipes Today

Leaky galvanized pipes are a concern for homeowners who are striving to minimize water wastage. We conduct a thorough inspection to your piping system to ensure even the tiniest leaks are detected and replaced with the necessary PEX pipes. Choosing us as your Houston piping replacement technicians will leave a trail of benefits such as reducing the cost of running your home, eliminating health issues, and ensure a steady supply of water to your Houston home or business.